Friday, 12 June 2015

Top 4 Most Funny Comedy Shows In Pakistan

These days all entertainment lovers like to watch comedy shows on televisions. These kinds of shows are divided into different categories. In Pakistan mostly people like to watch political comedy shows. There are some funniest comedy shows list are available which are the most watched in Pakistan.  

 Hum Sab Umeed se Hain
This is a political satire show, hosted by Saba Qamar, Mehwish Hayat and Fiza Ali. This is one of the funniest political comedy shows in Pakistan. The show is divided into the 3 editions the first one hosted by mehwish  hayat, second one is extra edition hosted by Fiza ali and third  show of the weekend hosted by Saba Qamar.
Writer of the Show
This show written by most popular writer Dr. Younus butt, this show presents the Pakistani political issues in funny segments.
Popularity of Show
 The popularity graph of that show increasing day by day in Pakistan. These kinds of shows give the lesson to our politicians and people and they are also very helpful for our new generation where they can learn many positive things in funny style. These days internet is the best source of research where you can search easily anything online. If you are entertainment lovers so you can easily find all kinds of shows without any anticipation.
Segment of the Show
There is some most popular funny segment present in this show.
Ek din hun sab umeed hain k sat
Boiling point
Bachy ghair siyasi hotay hain
Prody song
News Fuse

This is an urdu and also Punjabi comedy television show. This is the second most watch comedy show in Pakistan. That is air on Geo television on Thursdays, Fridays, sturdays, and Sundays. The show attract audience sphere of Punjabi style. In this show saleem and honey albela add humour through their witty coments. They discuss different politics and current affair and many problems in societies usually in Punjabi language.

Host of the show
Hosted by aftab iqbal he used to host the show hasb e haal. He left it in april 2010 due to his fall out with hasb e haal. So the first episode of khabarnaak was aired on 11 september 2010. This is the most watch show in pakistan every entertainment lovers never miss any witty comment of saleem and honey Albela in this show. This is the most popular program in Pakistan. This is a place where you standard character with different and opposing background comes together and discuss, essentially our society featuring aftab iqbal as the host and Mir mohammad ali as many different celebrities. Now you can easily watch all latest episode of this show here without any anticipation.

  Hasb e Haal
hasb e haal is the third most funny comedy show in pakistan, that is air on donya TV at 11.05pm from Thursday to Sunday. This is a political comedy shows. It is hosted by Junaid saleem Najia baig, and Sohail Ahmed.

This is also most popular program in pakistan. Having the honour of the being the most watch program in pakistan. it is also a social satire. Sohail ahmed is the biggest entertainer of pakistan. he play the role of azizi in this shows with different segments. He was awarded presendentail pride of performance award by Asif  Zardari.
Popularity of This Show
The popularity graph of hasb e haal increasing day by day every entertainment lovers like to watch this show on television and internet. These days all age group people loving to watch these kinds of shows online on internet from different popular websites.

 Zara hut kay
This is another comedy prank show in Pakistan. It is air on metro channel. In this show some people prank with other in funny style. There are different segment presents in this show. The reality is the main cause of this show.

In this show you can watch different segment in real life with fooling people. There are all age people like to watch this show on internet because in some place metro channel gives not coverage in Pakistan.  So you can watch all these things on internet on some suitable websites without any charges.
So these four are the funniest comedy shows in Pakistan. Now you can stay with us daily and know about many things online here. This is the best place for entertainment lovers where you can find all kind of funny things online and much latest news. So if you are looking latest comedy shows and Funny videos so visit at this place from the given links and enjoy a lovely time with us. This is the best platform for all kinds of entertaining things where you can enjoy a lovely time with different categories of comedy shows and funny things.

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